• BACHELOR’S BUTTONS-Mixed colours-Blue, pink, white, & purple.  1-3’ tall.  Abundant flowers.  Keeps well in arrangements. 
  • Edible flowers. Used in skin healing salves and teas.  Direct seed and deadhead for more blooms.
  • ORANGE-Space plants 10-15” apart. Plants grow 1-2′ tall. 
  • CALYPSO ORANGE-A European study found this variety to have  the highest  faradiol content, which is  a helpful anti-inflammatory. 
  • COSMOS-SEASHELLS MIXED-Pink, and light pink tubular petals flower mix. Grows 2-4′ tall. 
  • PICOTEE-Large white flowers with crimson picotee edging. Feathery foiliage. Excellent for borders and cutting. Flowers mid-summer onwards. 4′ in height. Space 45cm apart. 
  • GAZEBO RED & PINK SENSATION MIX-Start indoors 2-4 weeks before last frost or direct seed. Grows 2-4’ tall with large daisy type flowers. Direct seeding works locally. 
  • COURT JESTER-GAZANIA type flowers have various bold rings of colour on each bloom. Compact plants grow 1 1/2′ tall. 
  • LOVES LIES BLEEDING-Grows long draping red flower.  Beautiful as a cut or dried flower.  Cut flowers at peak of bloom or pick seed heads just before frost.
  • MARIGOLD (Tagetes erecta) African Marigold. Huge flowers, up to 4″ across. Blooms all summer long in rich shade of gold, yellow and orange. Sturdy stems are good for fresh cut flowers. Rich in lutein, a compound that studies suggest may improve visual acuity in patients with retinal degeneration. When added to chicken feed, lutein-rich marigold flowers help make egg yolks turn a richer deeper colour.
  • CITRUS MARIGOLD (Tagetes tenuifolia) Small orange and yellow edible flowers with a citrus smell and lacy foliage. Creates nice hedge look 12” tall. Start early indoors. N/A
  • SPARKY MIX (Tagetes patula) French Marigold. Red/Orange, Orange, Yellow mix. Flowers early. 6” tall.  Suppress “bad” nematodes in soil.   Plant around vegetable gardens.
  • MR. MAJESTIC-Add flair to your borders with this novelty French type.  It has single flowers with distinct red stripes on gold background: striping may fade in full summer heat. Ht. 2’.

    Mr. Majesti

  • MR. MAGESTIC DOUBLE-Fully double yellow and mahogany striped blooms on medium sized plants. The striping pattern changes from plant to plant. Ht. 24”.
  • Mr. Majestic Marigold

  • NASTURTIUM MIX-Butter Yellow, Sun Yellow, Orange, Red MIX. Some plants will climb, some have marbled foilage. Edible spicy flowers and leaves.  The seeds are capers!  Plants trails, & climbs as a mound.  Grows in poor soil.
  • POPPY (Papaver somniferum)
  • GIGANTIUM-Grows  up to 3′ tall ending with large seed pods that hold their seeds.  Making it easier to collect seeds for baking. 
  • PINK-Large light pink poppy. The pods make beautiful cut flower arrangements. 
  • PINK PEONY-Gorgeous full double pink petals. Flowers are 3-4′ wide. Plant grows 2′ tall. Can be started indoors before frost for earlier blooms. Grows best in full sun.
  • RED PEONY POPPY-Gorgeous full double red petals. Grows 2′. Can be started indoors before frost for earlier blooms. Grow in full sun.
  • Venus Poppy
  • WHITE TURKISH-White single blooms that produce large closed poppy seed heads.  Plant grows 2′ tall. Can be started indoors before frost for earlier blooms. Grows best in full sun.
  • PESHAWAR WHITE-Papaver somniferum var. ‘album- Early Persian cultivar that makes large elongated closed pods. Grows 2-3′ tall. Poppies do not like to be transplanted. 
  • RED PERILLA-Amaranth-Beautiful red flame of colour is ornamental and purposeful.  The leaves, stalk and flowers are red and used as a natural colourant in Japanese cooking (umeboshi paste).  Seeds are tiny, shiny and black. Grows about 1 1/2′ tall.  Plant amongst your flower beds or in your garden. 
  • SHUNGIKU (Chrysanthemum coronarium) Edible flowers and greens. Plant early spring as it prefers cool weather.
  • SULTANS-Mixed colours-Blue, pink, white, & purple.  1-3’ tall.  Abundant flowers.  Keeps well in arrangements.
  • STRAWFLOWER-White , Pink, Red, Golden,  Yellow, &  Purple mix. A dried flower good for garlic braids and flower arrangements.
  • GREY STRIPE MAMMOTH SUNFLOWER-Large single flowering head. Grows to meet the sky!!! 10-20′ tall.

  • Dwarf Sunflowers for a small garden!

    TRUMPET FLOWER-DATURA-Stunning large violet trumpet flowers. A hardy plant that can be directly seeded. Can grow over 2 feet in one Kootenay Summer.  Cut off seedpods before they open as it re-seeds easily.  Poisonous to ingest. 

#Seed saving note-Most flowers cross with other colours and varieties of the same flower. If you want to maintain pure colours or a specific variety separate most varieties 500ft+ or grow in separate years. If crossed certain colours show more dominant. Some mixed combinations make things more exciting.

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